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Name Check


If you already have some proposed names, please email them to us for a “Name Check“.  Our Name Check service is free of charge.

You can also do the Name Check yourself on the Companies Registry’s “Cyber Search Centre” :


1. click “Search” ;
2. choose “Company Name” ;
3. there are 3 rectangular boxes. In the first box, the default is “Left Partial Search” (don’t change it);
4. leave the second box alone unless you want to check the availability of a Chinese company name;
5. in the third box, type in the name you want to check (e.g. if you would like to check the availability of “Star Entertainment Limited”, you can just type “Star”, or “Star Entertainment”);
6. you will then see a “result display” which you can save or print out.

For your information, the Companies Registry has a page of “Frequently Asked Questions” about “Company Name”.

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